May 30, 2020

Historical Data

Spring 2020

The Rights of Black Americans and the Political Path and Contribution of Black Political Leaders

In the American independence movement, black people have continuously strived for their own deserved benefits and continued to contribute to American society. They should give black people the right they deserve. According to statistics from the United States Center for Political Economy, since the 1970s Since then, the number of blacks serving as US government officials has increased sixfold to 9,000. Several major cities such as Los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia, Atlanta, and Detroit have had black mayors. Among black politicians, New York State Congressman Shirley Chisham participated in the 1972 Democratic presidential nomination, and Rev. Jesse Jackson, a civil rights leader from Chicago, competed twice in 1984 and 1988. Nomination of Democratic presidential candidate. In addition to more black House members and senators, there have been two Supreme Court justices in the United States, Thurgood Marshall nominated by President Johnson in the 1960s and Clarence Thomas nominated by President Bush in the 1990s. . Also prestigious in politics is Colin Powell, chairman of the Bush-era Joint Chiefs of Staff.

  In 1972, Shirley Chisholm, the first female black member of parliament, declared her presidential election. In 1924, Shirley was born to a black immigrant family in New York. In 1969, she ran for the Twelfth Meeting Area in New York and won the election to become the first female African-American congressman. While serving as a member of parliament, Shirley paid attention to the lives of the majority of the lower class and won the support of many people, especially women. On January 25, 1972, Shirley announced that she would run for the US President as one of the Democratic candidates, thus becoming the first African-American woman to run for presidential elections. Black groups have since entered the American political arena and made outstanding contributions to American social and legal causes.