May 30, 2020

Historical Data

Spring 2020

Black Church,

Church in the Southern Black Community The

lynching record

Ida B. Wells’s lynching data collection [Caitlin Pollock has done some work on this & Library of Congress has a copy of A Red Record]

The relationship between black church formation and lynching during the 19th century. I will useThe Church in the Southern Black Community and A Red Record for comparison. In the book of The Evolution of the Negro Baptist Church, there are record of how Black pastors were whipped for holding a rally. I want to analyze the injustice and other physical injuries suffered by black people during the construction and development of black churches and the organization of black church assemblies by finding the relationship between the two. This proves the difficulties they have encountered in building the Black Church. I will be scanning the data from Caitlin Pollock’s work which is already made into csv format. My hypothesis is that black people suffer from unjust judgement even more by black people especially during the time period when they are trying to create black churches and black preachers held events, the number of unfair cases will increase since they were trying to create a way out or to create their own religious right. For the data comparison, I will create a visual graph, possibly a bar graph, with timeline for people and for the purpose of comparing those case numbers before, middle and after black was creating black churches. Also a  detailed chart to indicate special cases refer to creating black churches. My point was to show that even black people suffered from unfair judgment and were arrested unjustly when trying to obtain religious rights, but they still insisted on their own rights and trying to work against unfair treatment.